Hunt Hamiln & Ridley - Newark

60 Park Pl Suite 1600
Newark, NJ 07102

The Law Firm of Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley (HHR) is prepared to respond to the diverse needs of today’s society, based on extensive knowledge and experience in a diverse array of law specialties. Whether you are a Board of Education or a Public Housing Authority looking for General or Labor Counsel, a Municipal Corporation Counsel seeking outside Counsel to handle defense litigation, Workers Compensation or other matters, an individual charged with a criminal offense, an employee wrongfully terminated or denied a promotion, a person involved in an automobile accident, or a company in search of representation or advice, the need for competent legal counsel is an absolute necessity. The Law Firm of Hunt, Hamlin & Ridley is Prepared for the Challenge.
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Accident victims, accident claim, motor vehicle accident, DUI, dwi

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