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Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP is a national law firm with small town values rooted in honesty, integrity and character. Our team of nationally recognized attorneys are among the best in the country, specializing in agricultural, Fair Standard Labor Act (FSLA), death and traumatic injuries, hospital liens and other complex litigation. If you believe your farm or business has been impacted by defective, genetically modified (GMO) Syngenta corn seed, please contact our team today to discuss your legal options and the Syngenta lawsuit. Our attorneys have over 25 years of combined experience specifically in agriculture, defending the rights of farmers against big companies such as Syngenta and Bayer. Our Syngenta corn lawsuit team will analyze your farm or business and evaluate your claim at no cost to you. Whether you bought, planted, sold or distributed Syngenta corn seed, Agrisure Viptera (MIR162), your business may have been impacted and deserves an experienced team to defend your farm as part of the GMO corn lawsuit. Our law firm currently represents farmers across the nation in states such as Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. To find out more about your right to hold Syngenta Corn accountable for their actions, U.S. farmers should contact our legal team today for a free initial legal consultation. Our team of legal experts will work to help you cut through any red tape required to file a claim for losses incurred. You can also learn more about how other corn farmers are being represented in the Syngenta litigation across the country. Trust your farming future in the hands of those who know how to fight against Goliaths like Syngenta and win, with our San Antonio lawyers.
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At Phipps Anderson Deacon LLP, we practice plaintiff’s law. That means we work for injured parties to hold those responsible accountable and help make things right for our clients and their families. Our attorneys have represented people and businesses in a variety of legal fields. From personal and financial injuries to business or contract disputes, we can handle it. We’ve built our reputation on our attorneys’ strong negotiation skills, resourceful solutions to tough problems, and success in and out of the courtroom. Our strong financial foundation lets us handle even the most complex, high-profile cases. We’re not afraid to take cases the distance, presenting them before a jury at trial when necessary.

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